More Street Art!!


Yo- I’ve gotten so much feedback about the street art pictures I posted a few days ago, that I’m posting a few more. I now have about 300 images in total….. Planning to make a bigger project out of the whole mess. Stay tuned, and thanks so much for takin’ a look!

No comments, just snaps-

death shirt bars head hand boy on ground

rat eat fishbowl car bug fish tongues striped guys pink panels bird eye two guys

five storiesup pink stripe  vent graf bird yellow head skull in israel sweet future many heads music

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3 Responses to More Street Art!!

  1. Gwen Alter says:

    Love this. Couldn’t help but notice the recurring band aid. Are all of them by the same artist? So looking forward to talking on your return.

  2. Meg Shiffler says:

    I like the two headed rabbit and the guy with birds in his eyes. So good!

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