The Talking Cure- whose talking???

Hello Campers!

This merry prankster project just keeps getting wilder and more fun. Two new writers have jumped aboard, bringing the total to an even dozen voices speaking from the minds of my sculptures. I’m blown away by it all.   Here is the list of who is participating ( in alphbetical, not alpha order)

Larry Fessenden— Max Friedlich— Janet Grillo— Susan Lewis—

Valeria Luiselli—Sarah Langan— Arthur Mednick— Annie Nocenti—Paula Sharp

Danielle Truscott— Robert Burke Warren—-Anthony Weintraub-

Extraordinary writers, each with quite a different vision and voice.

very cool.


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2 Responses to The Talking Cure- whose talking???

  1. melissa says:

    Thank you!! please spread the word…. it’s like a fungus…..

  2. Jimbo says:

    This is wild. The art and literature event of the decade!

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