Marfa and El Paso

A few pictures from trip to Marfa and El Paso, two very strange places- each in their own special way……

The movie theater, owned by Mr. Donald Judd  of course. DJ ( as I like to call him ) seems to have bought up most of the city of Marfa. It is now all one giant shrine to a guy who actually seems to have been a bit of a tyrant in his personal  life ( take the tour, they’ll tell you all the dirty secrets)

Got to admit, there’s something about that big Texas light that’s pretty seductive.

Chianti Foundation. The shadows are better than the art.

Part of the shrine dedicated to DJ. Hold on to your hats, ready for this- these were the actual stoves that DJ had in his studio complex. Profound.

Amazing HUGE wall mural in El Paso dedicated to all of the Hispanic boxers in the world. Now this was truly awesome


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