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orig. published September 28, 20010 by CityArts

Throughout the weekend of Oct. 9, Creative Time will mount its second two-day seminar that attempts to address the gigantic issue of the relationship between Art and Society. Over 40 artists, curators, critics, scholars, anarchists and activists will travel from around the world to show their projects. Presenters will attempt to cover global issues of politics, gender, and food production in a flood of words and ideas. “We will talk and provoke,” says Creative Time Chief Curator Nato Thompson. “Although many believe that politically engaged art speaks to the choir and operates in a naive consensus, we are aware that there are numerous forms and numerous politics.”

It is sometimes hard to merge politically conscious art with one that is also aesthetically noteworthy, but Creative Time has never been afraid of tackling hard subjects. The emphasis will be on art and art forms that relate to immediate social concerns, as well as tackle the aesthetic implications of this type of artwork. The marathon of presentations will be back-to-back for two days, culminating in the presentation of the second annual Leonore Annenberg Prize for Art and Social Change, honoring an artist who has committed her/his life’s work to social change. This year the award will be given to Rick Lowe. It is bound to be a heady and provocative weekend.

Oct. 9 & 10, The Cooper Union School of Art, 7 E. 7th St. For a complete schedule, visit

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